• Maash ki Daal ( White Urid Daal)

    October 14, 2018Mazadaar

    Today we fancied a non meat dish and so I cooked a dhaba style maash ki daal (white urid daal). This is immensely popular throughout Pakistan and is cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices. We enjoyed this with coriander chutney,…

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  • Sabat Masoor Daal (Brown Lentils)

    September 27, 2018Mazadaar

    I just lurrrrve daal! So quick and easy to make and so tasty. There are so many varieties of daal and so many different ways of cooking it. Daal is a wholesome and delicious meal full of goodness. High in…

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  • Peri Peri Chicken

    September 20, 2018Mazadaar

    After eating at Nando’s a few times I was inspired to create my own Peri Peri chicken. I threw some ingredients together and it somehow seemed to work and taste even better! ‘Peri peri’ is used within several African languages…

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  • Chicken Pilau

    September 1, 2018Mazadaar

    Chicken Pilau is a firm favourite in our house. This dish has so many memories for me, from eating it as a child to eating it with my cousins in Pakistan.  Pilau is a popular dish that is present at…

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  • Doodh Seviyan

    September 1, 2018Mazadaar

    Doodh seviyan is a must at any festival. This dessert brings back many childhood memories for me when my mum used to make this and we couldn’t wait to have a bowl. This is a popular Pakistani milk based dessert…

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  • Aloo Keema Mattar (Potato, Mincemeat & Peas)

    August 16, 2018Mazadaar

    Aloo keema mattar is a dish that everyone loves. I have a few different ways of cooking this dish. The different methods give different flavours and textures to the dish. This is a popular Pakistani meal normally served with roti…

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  • Chicken Palak

    August 13, 2018Mazadaar

    Chicken and Palak, the perfect combination. I have been eating chicken palak from when I was a young child and it’s one of my favourite things to eat.  It is a classic Pakistani dish cooked with chicken and spinach and…

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  • Curried Noodles

    August 7, 2018Mazadaar

    These curried noodles are one of our favourite meals in our home and is a family meal passed down from my mum. This dish has many childhood memories for me where we would slurp the noodles. The noodles are cooked in…

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  • Masala Bhindi (Okra)

    August 1, 2018Mazadaar

    Vegetables, there are so many different types from all around the world and so many different ways of cooking them. Today I cooked bhindi, known as Okra or Ladies Fingers in English. There are a few ways of cooking bhindi…

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  • Mixed Sabzi (Vegetables)

    July 28, 2018Mazadaar

    Isn’t it amazing how simple vegetables can make such a tasty dish?! Mixed sabzi is a popular Pakistani dish. It’s full of flavour and the best thing about it is you can use up the leftover vegetables from your fridge.…

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